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My Approach

I started this journey along time ago now and everyday there seems so much to learn. Sometimes its been about clients and what I can do to help them, to new theories that have evolved overtime, changing the way we look at health, rehabilitation and performance. 

My latest courses are connected with breathing and what we call dysfunctional breathing patterns - where introducing breathing exercises either on there own or connected with rehab are helping quite a few people improve their health.

Often when we look at how people move we are thinking joints and muscles, but we also have to consider our other systems like the vestibular and vision systems as well as the nervous system which is always sensing and sending signals to the muscles and joints. Your brain is trying to keep you safe, and if it detects something is not quite right it could cause muscles to seemingly tense up to provide a strategy to keep you safe. This can then cause stiffness around a joint and prevent you moving well. 

Its difficult to call any movement dysfunctional as your body is probably just using a different strategy to move.  But it may be possible to offer some different movement strategies that would assist in your health, fitness and performance

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  • MSc-Sports & Exercise Injury Management

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist,

  • Sports Chiropractor

  • Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

  • Breathing Coach - Oxygen Advantage Buteyko Breathing Method and XPT Breathing Coach

  • Running Technique Coach

  • Activator Urban Pole Coach


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