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Move & Restore

Straight Leg Raise Stretch

How can We help You?

Sometimes you just need some help to get back to fitness. Whether its being able to go for a walk, being able to run again or getting back to the sport you enjoy. When things go wrong with some sort of ache or injury what will you do? You could do nothing and just rest and see how it goes or get some help.

Over the years we have worked with many different individuals helping them to restore movement. It may be from a runner with knee pain, to the individual with back pain. We are always learning, trying to find different methods to help restore functional movement. 

When you have an injury or pain, it would be quite feasible to blame the joint or muscle in question. Take for instance a knee problem, although the pain radiates round the knee it may be from the way the foot lands on the floor or your hip stability that affects the pain around the knee. Investigating further up or down the chain can often help.

If you do have an ache or pain what does your rehab program look like? How long will it take to rehab? This can depend on several factors, I have seen people with a general back ache that were much better after a week, to some that have lasted much longer.  

People do not always come in with pain, it maybe that they are trying to improve their swing in golf or running performance. It if was just a technique issue then probably the best person to see would be your coach, but it could that you need help to restore some mobility, co-ordination in movement, strength or power.

Exercising at Home

Is it possible to do the rehab at home? Yes, many of the exercises we use can be done at home. 

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